University of York / YorkClio RQT group
This group has been to the Battlefields of the Western Front and is meeting in February 2020 to plan the design of resources to help us all teach the WORLD War.


HA Great Debate for A Level students

The question for 2020 is ‘Should we judge historical figures by the morals of today?’. The 2020 competition is in partnership with BBC History magazine. The local heat was busy, with participants from 9 local schools. Cecile from Manor School will be representing York and North Yorkshire in the National Final at Windsor Castle in March 2020.


HA Yorkshire History Forum    The next forum event will take place at Leeds Trinity University on Wednesday 4th November 2020. Details on the meetings page.

‘The History of My School’ – a project led by Prof Peter Madler with Dr Laura Carter of the University of Cambridge is researching education in the UK post 1945. They have chosen York and North Yorkshire as one of their focus areas. This means that they will be digging in the archives about local schools. They will be developing materials that schools can use to explore social history post ’45 using the school (or schools) as a starting point for enquiry. Watch this space!
Oxford University Workshops and Sessions (in your school or college)

A member of the Mansfield College Access team can visit your school or college at any time throughout the year to give presentations and run workshops with your students and any interested staff. They are link College for City of York for Oxford University.

University/Oxford Explained: sessions for students in KS3 or KS4 who are interested in finding out more about University, or about Oxford/competitive universities specifically.

Oxplore: A workshop designed around the Oxplore website, aimed at pushing students beyond the curriculum.  Is a robot a person? Could we live without laws? Could there be real-life XMen? This session will give pupils the opportunity to answer some big questions, and to create their own.

Presentations for Teachers: sessions for teachers interested in learning more about the Oxford application process, personal statement and reference writing and how best to support students.

Talks for Parents: application information sessions, usually evening events, giving parents the opportunity to learn more about the application process and ask questions about how to support their children’s applications.

Mansfield aims to run a full application workshop in York each year, covering how to apply, personal statements, etc., each Spring term.  Information about the Spring 2019 workshop will be sent out later on this term or at the start of next term.

If you are holding an event in your school or college that you would like a member of the Mansfield Access team to attend please contact Helen Brooks via

Contribute to OBHD
The HA Secondary committee members’ ‘One Big History Department’ is attracting more and more readers. It exists to share good practice rooted in the ‘history’ of how our ideas about teaching history have developed. You can find it here: OBHD

Oxford Secondary School Liaison Committee

Yorkclio is now part of this. The Committee meets once a year in the Easter holidays. We will send a representative each year who can take knowledge of the York context to the meeting and report back to keep us all updated on matters relating to applications for History to the University of Oxford. Ruth Lingard attended for us this year.

YHEP: Yorkshire Education Partnership 

Has been launched to promote history subject-specific ITT and CPD in the region. You can follow @YHEPnews and via Facebook group.

Please offer to mentor for the University of York PGCE History 

Great news for history teaching in York… the core PGCE History places have been restored to the University of York. This means that we can offer diverse, highly subject specific training via university-led and school-led routes. Both, of course, are highly successful because of the strength of school AND university partnership we have. (The AND is the key word here!) Please do consider offering a history placement for a trainee if you are not already doing so.

GCSE choices

A reminder of what schools have chosen and collaboration possibilities:

AQA: Fulford, The Mount, Manor, Millthorpe, All Saints, York High

  • Power and the People: Fulford, The Mount, Manor
  • Medicine: Millthorpe, All Saints, York High
  • Germany: Millthorpe, All Saints
  • USA: Fulford, Manor, York High
  • Normans: Fulford, Millthorpe
  • Elizabeth: All Saints, The Mount, York High
  • Korea/Vietnam: Millthorpe, All Saints
  • Interwar years: York High

OCR B: Huntington and Ryedale

  • sharing on all except for Norman/Elizabeth difference

Ed Excel: AHS, Jo Ro – overlap with Germany, Cold War and crime and punishment

Eduqas: Barlby

iGCSE: Bootham

Ryedale have Crime and Punishment resources they can pass on – possibly books?  Huntington teach Elizabeth at A level so have a lot of expertise and resources to tap into too.  Manor are just finishing teaching iGCSE and can pass on their resources / expertise.

HA Quality Mark

Working through the Historical Association Quality Mark criteria might be a great way to move forward as a department. Further information is here: Quality Mark.