Early Career

Welcome to the VERY NEW YorkClio Early Career History Teachers’ page. Of course, all of the YorkClio website and events are relevant for early career teachers (ECTs), but this is a page for idea, links, events specifically for colleagues who have been teaching less than five years. 

Our twin: BristolClio

One of the few advantages of the ‘new normal’ that started in 2020 is that we can break down geographical boundaries more easily. Some YorkClio ECTs have been in contact with BristolClio and we agreed to share ideas and to network. One way is via sharing our website links. 

SHP – New Teachers’ Conference 2021

This is exciting! SHP are planning a ‘New Teachers’ Conference’ on 30th January 2021. This is what we know so far… It’s for history teachers of zero to five years’ experience. It will be online and feature two inspiring plenary sessions, a choice of two workshops in two sessions and a round-table discussion about the particular challenges and opportunities faced by new teachers in the current climate. Tickets will go on sale soon with an early bird price of £35. Details will follow on the SHP website, email and Twitter.

YorkClio Early Career History Teacher Podcasts

The College of Chartered Teachers celebrated an Early Career Teacher’s fest this week. To mark this YorkClio would like to share some conversations recorded over the summer with Early Career Teachers who previously trained with the University of York. Here they share their thoughts and experience of topics as varied as ‘teaching in a school undergoing rapid change’ and ‘work life balance’. These podcasts are in a discussion style. They should be of particular interest to other history teachers who are just beginning their careers, or who are in their second or third year of teaching and are wondering how they should progress their career next. Do get into touch via @YorkClio or contact ruth.lingard@york.ac.uk if you have ideas for other topics we should feature.

In this podcast NQT Edward Robinson chats to Ruth Lingard about managing a work life balance.

Ben Longworth, an Early Career teacher discusses the experience of becoming a History Mentor.

In this podcast Hannah Betts and Nicole Ridley discuss how they are forming their own subject community network in East Yorkshire.

Harry Ashton has just completed his second year of History teaching in North London and discusses the role of male teachers as role models in the classroom.

Vicky Bettney is in her second year of History teaching and discusses teaching in a school undergoing change.

Anna Hughes took an archaeology degree and worked for English heritage before she moved to the History classroom. What advantages can this experience bring to the classroom?

Historical Association Chartered History Teacher

Once you have been history teaching for five or more years you can apply for Historical Association Chartered History Teacher status. Some ideas to help ECTs work towards this in years 2-4 have been created here. In Bristol and York there are also several HA CHist teachers you can talk to about the process. Just get in touch!