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Here in York we are working together to support our students with GCSE History. The lower attainers are being hard-hit by a qualification that is not easy for them to access. We are committed to working together and working hard to help all our students achieve. This is our page for sharing ideas and resources.

Alex Ford’s PPT

Alex Ford’s PPT

AQA Power and the People materials:

Power and the People factors overview

PatP MQTs combined

PatP revision sheets combined

New Power and the People Revision Part 1

Power and the People

Medicine and Health materials:

Autumn term cartoon homework

AQA Normans materials:

Normans 1 – Conquest and Control Booklet – AQA Style

Normans 2- Life under the Normans

Normans 3-Church and Monasticism

AQA Edward I materials:

Ed I revision sheets combined

Medieval England MQTs combined

Edward I – Marc Morris interpretation

Medieval England

AQA WW1 materials:

WW1 Revision sheets combined

Spot the mistakes WW1

AQA Conflict and Tension materials: 

Conflict and tension MQTs combined

Conflict and tension

AQA USA materials: 

USA MQTs combined

USA Revision sheets combined

USA, 1920-1973

AQA Historic Environment:

Globe pack

AQA Revision placemats:

The open G-Drive folder is here full of lovely placemats!

AQA legacy historic environment:

Are you studying Durham Cathedral as part of the AQA Norman England Unit?

Are you studying Hardwick Hall as part of the AQA GCSE course 2016-18?